Are There Jobs For Graduates in The Travel And Tourism Industry?

The travel and tourism sector is a sector which will always be lucrative. Even in the recession, people need to make time for leisure, travel and fun, even if financial issues mean that the destinations which they chose are slightly different from the ones they used to favour. Thanks to the recession, more and more people are choosing to “holiday at home” to save money, and therefore more and more people are getting to experience the joys which their own country has to offer! Because of this, the tourism industry in this country is offering a lot of jobs for graduates and a lot of great opportunities for those who have studied travel and tourism. There are lots of different types of job available.

What jobs for graduates are available to those who have studied travel and tourism?
Graduates with a degree in travel and tourism may be able to snag a job in a local or regional tourism board, which is specifically designed to be a graduate job. These are jobs for graduates which are design with their needs and the needs of the tourist board in mind. These jobs will help to provide the graduate with on-the-job practical training, as they work. These jobs will more than likely offer the successful candidate a chance to experience a lot of different sectors of the industry, and are great for those who have not decided what area they would like to specialise in. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

If you would prefer a “forward-facing” job, where you get to interact with the public, then there are still loads of potential jobs for graduates available in the tourism industry. Many graduates from travel and tourism degrees choose to work on a cruise ship, because this glamorous lifestyle appeals to them. Working on a cruise ship gives those who do the job an opportunity to meet and help lots of new and interesting people, and visit lots of interesting places as well. There are lots of different roles available in the cruise ship industry, including entertainment roles, managerial roles and financial roles.

Taking employment in the adventure tourism section is also something that appeals to a lot of graduates. Adventure tourism is classified as something which is a little bit unusual, and might be outside of the comfort zone of many ordinary tourists. Adventure tourism can include extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, abseiling and white water rafting. Jobs in the adventure tourism industry can take you to all parts of the world, as people travel further and further afield for their next big thrill.

One of the other possible jobs for graduates of a travel and tourism degree is work in a travel agency. Most roles in a travel agency are forward-facing, so give employees the chance to help and interact with customers to help them to create and book their dream holiday. One of the perks of working in a travel agency is that you often get great discounts on your own holiday and travel plans